Author & Speaker

Darla Grieco is a writer and speaker, spreading hope to the hurting. She loves to help those struggling to unearth the lies that control their lives and replace them with God’s truth.


Thanks for stopping by. Life is full of experiences and events, each of which leaves an imprint on our brain and belief system about who we are and, in turn, how we live out our lives.

I’m not sure about you, but I lived most of my life believing I was unworthy, unwanted, and useless. With a little counseling, a lot of digging, and some intense prayer, I found freedom from that distorted thinking. There is hope for the hurting. I’m here for one purpose and one purpose only–to share the tools I’ve learned which have allowed me live a freer, more abundant life.

Am I perfect? Heck, no. Far from it. But I’ve learned how to change my story. What if you could change your story too? Sign up for my email list for monthly updates, information, and stories of hope. I promise I won’t sell your information. Sign up below, and then stay for awhile.

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