Prayers for ‘Those’ People

Ever find yourself in fervent prayer for the lost, downtrodden and hopeless people in your life, only to find the ‘person’ you were praying for should have been you?  Think it can’t happen?  How’s that saying go?  Never say never!  


Recently my church caught a wind of fire and started fasting and praying like never before (at least, never that I had seen).  Great, I thought.  I could definitely use more prayer in my life.  I believe in praying in the spirit and avoid rote prayers that someone has typed up for me to recite.  However, as each ‘predetermined’ prayer landed in my inbox, I read it.  I prayed it.  And boy, did I have a few people in mind that needed those prayers.   


Well, don’t you just love when God removes the scales from your eyes?  It just so happened that I attended a special service at my church near the conclusion of this prayer movement, and I listened as a beautiful message unfolded before me.  After, we prayed and the music started…KABOOM, it hit me like a sword piercing my heart.  I was THAT person.  While I prayed earnestly for others, that ‘they’ would be drawn back to the heart of God like never before, that ‘they’ might deepen their relationship with Christ, that each and every one of the Prodigal’s would come home, God was working on – you guessed it – me!  


Truth is, sometimes, we all lose our way.  We get busy with our family or work responsibilities, even ministry projects, which end up sapping every minute from our day.  It is imperative that we take time from our daily ‘to do’s’ to bask in God’s presence.  Take time to pray.  Take time to listen.  Take time to repent.  Regardless of how far you’ve strayed, His arms are always open to welcome you home.


“Let’s have a feast and celebrate.  For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”  Luke 15:23b-24a

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