Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

What do you see when you look at this picture? I remember a day when I saw red. Yep, those little socks drove me mad. Where was the match? Why so many? Good Lord, why can’t everyone wear the same size, brand and color to make my life easier? Counting my blessings was not on my to do list when I was already up to my ears in spit stains on the carpet, snotty tissues, cheerios dumped out on the floor, and then THIS! Really? I grumbled and groaned or fought the children to help me out.

Then one day, I looked at the pile and saw something entirely different.

Silly, silly me.

I told you I needed an attitude adjustment and not just once. My journey traveling with the Lord has had its bumps, turns and flat tires. Through it all, I’ve had to remain teachable. Here in lies one of those lessons.

Suddenly, my piles of socks signified something very special to me that I still hold dear today.


Each of those socks represents a foot. A foot that carries someone I love. I pray for those feet and the person attached—where they will tread, the influences each will have and be in this world and safety through his/her trials.


Each sock represents wealth. How blessed am I that we can afford so many pairs of socks allowing me the luxury of only tossing them in to the wash, dryer and matching them up once a week? Gone are the days when we need to scrub them on the washboard and hang them to dry. No longer do I need to darn each pair as the threads wear thin. Instead, I toss them in the trash and cruise over to my local Target to buy some more. I’m not proud of this behavior, but living in a society where socks are readily available and quite affordable causes one to take the replacement of them for granted.


Each sock represents warmth. How blessed are we that those little toes have the coverings they need to keep them warm and safe from the elements?


Each sock represents provision. Everything we have comes from the Lord. It’s a gift. When I look upon the socks with anger and annoyance, I offer complaints before the Lord instead of having a grateful heart and praising Him for His loving provision.

Today, I still struggle with those sock piles. I look to them and my old nature tries to creep in. It is then that I must remember the deeper value of those socks. And instead of grumbling, I lovingly lay them out one-by-one and thank God for the warmth, provision and wealth. I also bless the feet and the person who these socks will touch—my children and my spouse.

It’s amazing how a little shift in focus can make a world of difference…not just in folding socks, but in daily life. Shall I whine that my dishwasher broke, the kids are fighting, the fridge needs restocked and the car needs gas or do I praise God for not only first having those blessings but the privilege that I’m here and capable to address each need?

So what is your “sock pile”? Is there something or someone in your life that causes you to grumble? If so, pray for a new set of eyes this week that you might find a way to count your blessings instead of complaining.

If you wish to leave your burden here, please use discretion and explain in only a word or two without naming names. Or you can email me directly at sharingalonglifesjourney[at]gmail[dot]com. I promise to pray for you over the next week. Now go forth and count your blessings!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17


3 responses to “Count Your Blessings”

  1. Thank you for your insights, Darla.

    My sock pile is my whole apartment filled with clutter representing my mess of a life spent in the belly of a whale. My name is Jonah. Please pray for my dedication to the massive project of getting rid of this hoarded manna, smelly and filled with maggots.



  2. Loved this! I will.enjoy my sock!


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