A Divine Appointment


I thought for sure I shouldn’t stay. There was work to be done at home, and I had already taken several hours away from my duties to spend a few hours attending Bible study. However, I felt a little nudging that I needed to stop and…well, smell the Italian wedding soup they were serving for lunch. So, when the question was posed, “Who is staying for lunch?” my hand shot up in the air. Although this was part of the group I never participated in, I rationalized that I should stay, just for today. After all, a girls gotta eat, right?

Two ladies joined me at my table. I knew their faces from my small group, but not much more. So, over the next half hour, we got acquainted. And in the course of our conversation, one asked if I was a writer. She thought she had heard me mention it. I shared a bit about my journey so far. Then, it was her turn. She had a story that she has cherished in her heart for 17 years, and she longed for it to be told. Would I help her?

I listened quietly as she poured it out.

As I listened, I was astonished to realize that her story, one of a miraculous nature, happened to be perfect fare for an upcoming deadline for an anthology. How did I know? Because I, too, had a story I was preparing for the same book.

Coincidence that I stayed after that day? Or that I’m a writer and she needed help telling her story? Or that we would sit together and end up on this topic one day in mid-November when the deadline for stories on angels and miracles just happened to be two short weeks away?

I think not. I do not believe in coincidence. I do believe in divine appointments. However, if we are not in prayer and in constant relationship with our heavenly Father, it is hard to know what it is we are called to do on any particular day. That little prompting in my heart that told me to stay after for lunch and listen carefully to another’s heart might be the only little piece of service God asks of me for that day, but it mattered to one woman.

Too often, we race through life focused on our “to-do lists” without ever slowing down to seek direction on the things that really bless others: taking a meal to a friend, asking the cashier or waitress serving you how they are, or just listening to another’s heart. Oh, the blessing I would have missed had I selfishly allowed my to-do list to dictate my time!

My hope is that I can do justice in helping my new friend tell her story, because it is a powerful one that needs to be told. Will the producers of the book I mentioned agree? I do not know, but I am sure that God’s hand was moving that day as always.

Are you taking the time to see His presence in your life?


One response to “A Divine Appointment”

  1. Sweet. I love after all a girls gotta eat! Lol
    Thanks for allowing God to work through you to motivate us with ur writing


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