Birthday Blues? Not here!

Throughout my life, I’ve met all kinds of people: some people feel they deserve to be pampered or showered with presents on their birthday while others leave town all together in hopes that no one knows they just added another year to the tally.  I’m definitely not either of those. I try to take a no-fuss approach, but at the same time, I’m not afraid to yell it from the rooftops: I’m 43!

That’s right. A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. Well, I didn’t really celebrate by some peoples’ standards, but then again, I guess that depends on how you define “celebrate.” When the family would ask, “what do you want to do?”  Many thought I was strange when I would reply, “I want to clean my house…the whole house!”

As usual, things didn’t go as planned. Instead, I had the opportunity to spend extra time with my nephews who were in from out of town and even read several chapters in a book. It was a fabulous day! I didn’t get what I wanted (a clean house), but I enjoyed the gift of the present by doing things that blessed myself and others. And, of course, we ended the day with some sweets and the traditional birthday song just before bed.

I’ve been told that soon enough, I will hide from my age. If I do, I hope you will snap me back into reality. I never want to forget that every day of every year is no small matter.

Every day is a gift. I’ve watched far too many loved ones come and go from this life. So I am fully aware that each day I open my eyes with breath in my lungs is a day to celebrate. It is a new opportunity. In reality, today could be my last; therefore, I want to try my best to live out each one with passion and purpose. I, like you, were created in my mother’s womb with love and care at the hands of the heavenly Father. My days were laid out for me before I even came to be. God has a plan and purpose for my life. It doesn’t seem right to run from it or hide in shame because my number keeps growing, or even wait for just once a year to celebrate such an awesome gift.

As I look back over my 43 years, I see wasted time and great accomplishments, regrets and redemption, heartache and healing. Each year and each day is full of new lessons, new opportunities and new wisdom. I choose to learn from the experiences and embrace every today as if it is my “birthday.”

So today, I’m wishing you a happy birthday! May you celebrate the breath in your lungs and the opportunity a new day holds. You are special. You are worth it!

4 responses to “Birthday Blues? Not here!”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you!

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  2. Barbara Walburn Avatar
    Barbara Walburn

    Nice message of encouragement!  I’m starting to notice that God has a surprise of some kind each day. barbara   

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  3. Thanks Darla for sharing your thoughts and writing talent. I very much enjoyed this post! It’s a gentle reminder to count our blessings and savor every moment along the way. Happy Birthday back at you!

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    1. Thanks, Aunt JoAnne. Love you!


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