GPS Frustration

Occasionally, I venture to a less-familiar neighborhood for my shopping. I have an idea how to get there, but I’m not 100% sure. Therefore, I plug my goal location into my GPS. Oddly enough, it seems the woman who lives inside my machine is whimsical and likes to mix things up a bit. I’ve noticed she has taken me at least three or four different routes to bring me to that same location.

No wonder I’m confused and need to rely on her each time!

Regardless of what she says though, I always listen to her direction. I sometimes furrow my brow because I’m certain there is an easier route, maybe even one she took me on before but I do not recall it well enough to take it on my own. Then there is the route someone else told me to take. That one doesn’t seem right either, because GPS-lady hasn’t given it to me. Yesterday in particular, there were so many stops signs, turns and roadblocks that I shared a few choice words with my GPS-lady; after all, her job is to get me there and fast. Right?

That is partially true. She led me exactly where I wanted to go; just not the way I wanted to get there nor in my desired timeframe.

It got me to thinking, do I put the same type of trust in God that I do in my GPS-person? I’d like to, but my history reveals that I sometimes treat God the way I treat that talking box on my dashboard.

When my journey doesn’t go as I planned it nor the way it went for another person, I get frustrated. Sometimes I even want to give up. Other days, I find road blocks, detours, stop signs and turns galore that nearly drive me insane. Regardless of the route, I must trust that God knows what He is doing, and He knows the path I’m meant to take.

Today, we have a choice to make: Will you unplug from God because you don’t like the path He has laid out for you? Or will you put your faith in Him who knows all things and will lay out the best route for you?

And while you journey: Enjoy the ride!

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