That Bad Little Voice

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I never did anything about it. Till now. 


You see, most of life, I limited my possibilities because I didn’t believe in myself.  There existed a laundry list of messages in my head, which when all put together, said, “Kid, you do not have what it takes.” And I believed it.


I realized when I was speaking to a loved one last year that many, if not most of us, suffer from this same problem. The person I speak of had a dream. She desired to change her course in life. We talked about her dream extensively. I watched her light up with excitement, and then came the “buts.” She shared with me all the reasons that her dream would never become a reality. When I asked her who told her no, she could not name a single person. The reality is that no one in the industry she wished to pursue ever even had a chance to tell her “no” because she hadn’t tried yet. I suppose some well-intentioned friends might have unknowingly discouraged her or several put-downs throughout her life might have made her feel that path wasn’t for her. Regardless of the whys, the way I saw it, the only person telling her “no” was herself.   


Have you ever had a dream you rationalized away, a desire to pursue a field you lacked knowledge in or a talent you refused to pursue because someone told you it wasn’t the right thing to do?  The list goes on and on of ways others, our upbringing or our current situation seems to tell us “no.” We must remember, at times like this, that God’s ways are not our ways. If we look at our dreams through our eyes, we see roadblocks and find excuses. We become paralyzed. However, if we look to Him and acknowledge what He can do, we see great possibilities. If our desires are part of His plan for our lives, He will make a way. Of course, we need to do our part too. We need to act. 


Recently, I have begun my journey. I started writing. It has not been easy. I learned a little bit here and there. I started surrounding myself with other writers. I even shared my writings with others to see what people thought. (That was, indeed, the hardest part!) Finally, I attended a writer’s conference last month and met people, just like me, that were not writers at some point in their life. While I have not become published yet, I continue to be hopeful. I recognize this will be a journey. Even if I never get published, I have learned a lot about myself and a lot about the world of writing and publishing that I did not have an understanding of a year ago. Most importantly, I continue to see what God can do through me when I put my faith in Him.  


If you have that little voice inside your head telling you, “No way, kid, you don’t have what it takes.” It’s time to tell that little voice, “NO! You’re wrong. God gave me a passion and it’s time I try. Through Him all things are possible.” After all, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. 

4 responses to “That Bad Little Voice”

  1. My dream is to write a book. Not for the fame, or the money, but is the only thing I cand imagine myself doing (beside dancing). I guess I am scared, but what you wrote made me think about it again. Thank you !


    1. Why not you? I say, go for it! Keep me posted on your progress.


      1. thank you ! and let me say that i love your blog !


  2. Linda Wagner-Melinchak Avatar
    Linda Wagner-Melinchak

    I always believed in you and know if anyone can succeed at what they want to do, it is You. You never left anything or anybody get in your way. I have always been proud of you, your achievements and the daughter you are. A devoted mother and wife giving your all so go get what you deserve!!


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